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Nicaragua switches diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China

Nicaragua inked a deal on Friday switching diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to China in a political coup for Beijing as it seeks to isolate...

Court of Justice: Nicaragua owes Costa Rica $380,000, must retire troops

The ruling was the Court's first-ever on compensation for environmental damages.

Court ruling close at hand on Costa Rican, Nicaraguan borders

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague has announced that on Feb. 2, it will issue its ruling about the maritime border...

Costa Rica retrieves massive archaeological trove from Venezuela

A long journey ends for Costa Rican pre-Columbian treasures.

Costa Rica ranks high in new U.S. travel information system

Costa Rica received a Level One ranking along with several other Latin American nations.

Costa Rica ‘cautiously’ rejoins SICA

Foreign Minister Manuel González announced Thursday that Costa Rica would rejoin the Central American Integration System, SICA, after a six month hiatus.

From the outside, Costa Rica’s president calls for SICA reforms

Despite the bloc’s problems, Costa Rica has little option but to keep working with its neighbors, say international relations experts.

US changing its policy with or without Cuba

U.S. President Barack Obama has shown a new way to design his policy toward Cuba. Will Cuba design a new policy toward the United States?

Yes, my family had to flee Cuba. But staying mad about it doesn’t achieve anything.

My parents were chemical engineers in Cuba; they met while working in the pharmaceutical industry. I was born on Aug. 14, 1990, a day after Fidel Castro turned 64. Mami extended her labor so I wouldn't share a birthday with our country's revolutionary leader.

US signs trade deal with Argentina during Obama trip

The United States and Argentina sealed a major trade deal on the first day of President Barack Obama's visit Wednesday, bolstering the efforts of his counterpart to end a decade-and-a-half of international financial isolation.

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