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Blinken to highlight democracy on Latin America trip

It will be Blinken's third visit to Latin America since the Biden administration took office in January after stops in Mexico and Costa Rica.

U.S. citizens living in Costa Rica: How you can vote in 2020

Any US citizen eligible to vote can do so no matter where they live in the world. By following the above steps, US citizens living in Costa Rica can make sure their ballots are sent back in time to be counted.

U.S. citizens living in Costa Rica can vote in November’s general election

The U.S. Embassy in San José can help U.S citizens request an absentee ballot and send it to their election office in the United States

Where you can vote in Costa Rica today

United States citizens living in Costa Rica can vote in-person as part of the Democratic Party presidential primary starting Tuesday, March 3. 

Presidential candidate Fabricio Alvarado pulls out of UCR debate

This is at least the fifth debate from which the candidate has withdrawn during the second round of campaigning.

Costa Ricans head to the polls in municipal elections

Costa Ricans began voting Sunday morning to choose local mayors, council members and other municipal officials in 81 cantons in the country's seven provinces.

US, Latin lawmakers urge Venezuela to allow election observers

More than 150 U.S. and Latin American lawmakers sent a letter to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Wednesday, urging him to let international observers monitor the country's crucial Dec. 6 legislative elections.

Guatemala elections marred by tensions as parties herd voters to other constituencies

In a practice known as acarreo, political parties or candidates shuttle poor residents to various districts to vote in exchange for money or food. This year's general election on Sunday was marked by several allegations of acarreo, intimidation, and in some cases, violence.

How Jimmy Carter has long pursued peace, justice and care for those on the margins

Carter's address captured the attention of Hunter Thompson of Rolling Stone magazine. During the course of his speech, Carter noticed that Thompson had briefly left the room; he surmised that the self-proclaimed "gonzo journalist" had simply exited to refresh whatever adult beverage he was drinking that day. Thompson, however, scurried to the parking lot to retrieve a tape recorder so he could record what he believed was an extraordinary moment: a politician who dared to speak the truth.

Former US President Jimmy Carter cuts Guyana trip short after falling ill

The 90-year-old Carter left the country for the city of Atlanta in his home state of Georgia, The Carter Center said. The nature of his illness was not disclosed.

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