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Cuba foreign relations

US calls Cuba ‘failed state’ after widespread protests

President Joe Biden said Thursday the United States was considering ways to force open internet access in Cuba, which he called a failed state as the communist leadership faces down the biggest protests in memory.

For Pope Francis, an unfinished mission in Cuba

Before he lands in the United States on Sept. 22, Francis will arrive in Havana on Sept. 19 for a four-day, three-city tour of Cuba that will put a spotlight on his political and diplomatic skills as never before. His challenge: to accelerate the process of reconciliation between the United States and Cuba charted by John Paul II and push the Castro government to hasten and deepen the pace of change on the island.

Progress but no agreement in US, Cuba talks on diplomatic relations

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Negotiators for Cuba and the United States said Friday after two days of talks that they have not settled on arrangements to reestablish diplomatic relations, severed decades ago, so that full-fledged embassies can open again.

White House travel exemptions to Cuba do not cover tourism

President Barack Obama announced major changes in the United States’ 53-year embargo on communist Cuba Wednesday, but don’t pack your bags just yet. Tourism was not among the travel exemptions listed by the White House.

Cuba embargo under pressure as Obama urged to pull down barriers

A political consensus against trade with communist Cuba that has prevailed in Washington for half a century is showing signs of cracking.

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