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Crocodile Bay

I caught a marlin and it was great, but the marlin totally hated it

Forty miles south of the Golfo Dulce in the open Pacific Ocean, a 200-pound blue marlin was about to have the worst day of its life.

Golfito Marina: After 7 years dead in the water, full steam ahead

Golfito Marina Village has the plans, the permits and the plata to proceed with this $42 million megaproject, and construction is happening so fast that Phase I is expected to open by November.

Crocodile Bay Marina: Osa destroyer or Golfo Dulce dream?

The Crocodile Bay Resort & Marina says it will bring Puerto Jiménez and the Golfo Dulce a modern, clean facility to dock, fuel and maintenance boats, with a hotel and condominiums that will create jobs. But a vocal opposition says this project poses major environmental concerns, will not really benefit the community and will make Puerto Jiménez look like Cancún.

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