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Costa Rican constitution

Costa Rica now considers access to water as a constitutional right

Costa Rica adopted a constitutional reform that guarantees access to water as a human, basic and inalienable right. 

Citizen group wants referendum on drafting a new Constitution

Proponents of a new constitution want to decentralize the government's power and declare Costa Rica a secular state.

Lawmakers vote to define Costa Rica as a multiethnic, plurinational country

After more than 10 years of debate, lawmakers approved a bill in a first round vote Wednesday to reform Costa Rica’s Constitution to redefine the Central American country as a “multiethnic and plurinational” republic. The bill would add language to Article 1 of the constitution, which defines Costa Rica as a “democratic, free and independent” republic.

A vote for Costa Rica

Providing voters with a national fountain of youth where they can return again and again to embrace their political heritage, remember their founding leaders, and honor their political history and original documents, elections are how democracy renews itself.

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