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Costa Rica teachers' strike

Protests at Legislative Assembly canceled as deputies are absent

The Legislative Assembly has suspended sessions until February 2 after a lawmaker tested positive for Covid-19. 

Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly votes to regulate strikes in response to country-wide protests

The initiative prohibits strikes in essential public services such as health, safety, school lunchrooms, and water and energy supply. It also puts limits on work stoppages in education.

Protests of taxi drivers and educators cause chaos in the Costa Rican capital

Two separate protests, one of taxi drivers and another of educators, caused chaos on Tuesday in the congested streets of the capital of Costa Rica.

U.S. Embassy issues security alert over upcoming protests in San José

The U.S. Embassy recommends that tourists and residents "exercise caution in these areas." Protests are expected to be non-violent. 

Teachers unions will strike for the continued right to strike

Unions are preparing a combined national march on Sept. 2.

Education sector strike once again ruled illegal

The court reasoned the strikes have not being peaceful and have affected essential services.

Hundreds of medical procedures, surgeries postponed by public workers’ strike

The strike in public hospitals provoked the suspension of 1,030 medical appointments, 229 specialized procedures and 114 surgeries.

Public workers tell the Costa Rican government to leave their salaries alone

Hundreds of public employees from Costa Rican schools, universities and hospitals on Friday morning marched from downtown San José to Casa Presidencial, in the southeast district of Zapote, to oppose government-proposed salary measures.

Lawmakers debate bill to extend the right to strike to most sectors, including private companies

Legislators from the ruling Citizen Action Party, Broad Front Party and Social Christian Unity Party last week presented a bill at the Legislative Assembly to reform the country’s Labor Law, including a proposal that would eliminate a ban on strikes by some public workers, approved by the previous administration.

Following strike-ending agreement, public schools (slowly) return to normal

An Education Ministry report released on Tuesday morning indicates that of 3,751 public schools in Costa Rica, only 613 were functioning normally on Monday, while 1,394 were partially operational and 1,744 remained closed.

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