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costa rica protest

Bus drivers protest to demand support through crisis in Costa Rica

Hundreds of buses crowded the streets of the Costa Rican capital on Tuesday in a protest to demand support from the government in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Latin American leaders repressed protests in 2019, according to AI

Amnesty International recognized that Latin American governments had adopted aggressive positions regarding migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Farmers protest in Costa Rica asking for debt relief

Some 350,000 families in Costa Rica, a country of 5 million inhabitants, work in agriculture.

Costa Rica limits the right to strike and prohibits it in essential services

The new law sets limits on the duration of strikes in the education sector to prevent students from running out of lessons indefinitely.

Pic of the Day: Bill regulating strikes approved in second debate

The initiative prohibits strikes in essential Costa Rican public services.

Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly votes to regulate strikes in response to country-wide protests

The initiative prohibits strikes in essential public services such as health, safety, school lunchrooms, and water and energy supply. It also puts limits on work stoppages in education.

Seven detained after confrontation between police, protesters near UCR turns violent

In at least one instance, demonstrators splashed gasoline on a police officer and tried to light it on fire. 

University students march in Costa Rica against budget restrictions

Thousands of students and workers from the five public universities of Costa Rica marched to Casa Presidencial on Tuesday to protest against restrictions on the use of those institutions' budgets. 

Seven arrested in Costa Rica for bomb attacks

OIJ found explosive equipment and devices similar to those used in the two attacks. 

Government predicts end to blockades following agreement with transportation sector

Costa Rican truck drivers had been protesting a new value-added tax, which applies a 13% duty to services that had previously been excluded. 

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