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Costa Rica medical care

Mexico to start exporting AstraZeneca vaccines to Latin America

Mexico will soon begin exporting AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines to other Latin American nations

Costa Rica remains popular destination for medical tourism

If you need affordable medical care but traveling abroad sounds daunting, Green Health Care (GHC) can help.

Why Costa Rica uses horseshoe crab blood in medicine

Many of the current regulations related to horseshoe crabs focus on commercial fishing, ignoring their rapidly growing role in the medical device and vaccine industries.

Costa Rica begins using plasma treatment to fight COVID-19

A Costa Rican woman hospitalized with COVID-19 is being treated with plasma extracted from patients who recovered from the disease.

U.S. Embassy donates medical supplies to Costa Rica

The United States Embassy in Costa Rica made the first of two planned donations of medical supplies to the Costa Rican Social Security System (CCSS). 

Costa Rican universities designing emergency ventilators to help patients with COVID-19

Separate projects at the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and the Costa Rica Institute of Technology (TEC) could help the country be better prepared for an increase in coronavirus cases. 

Judicial Investigation Police raid hospital in Social Security System fraud probe

Judicial Investigation Police agents simultaneously raided the hospital, the main offices of the Social Security System, or Caja, and the offices of medical supply company Synthes.

5 pointers for booking a medical vacation in Costa Rica

The pura vida-living, Imperial beer-drinking, gallo pinto-eating Central American country of Costa Rica continues to grow as a medical tourism destination. With one of the longest...

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