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Costa Rica marine conservation

Ecuador expands Galapagos reserve, hopes to partner with Costa Rica

The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, announced Monday in Glasgow the expansion of the marine reserve of the Galapagos Islands, considered a natural treasure,...

After year of inaction, international community meets to protect biodiversity

Topics will also include preventing pandemics such as COVID-19, which jumped from the animal world to man.

One Planet Summit kickstarts year of crucial environment talks

The summit will also launch the High Ambition Coalition -- a group of 45 countries led by Costa Rica, France and Britain.

World Conservation Congress postponed (again) due to Covid-19

Several countries -- including France and Costa Rica -- planned to launch the Coalition of Great Ambition for Nature and People, with the goal of protecting 30% of the Earth's natural spaces by 2030.

Cocos Island earns worldwide ‘Blue Park’ distinction from Marine Conservation Institute

The distinction highlights the world's best protected places in the ocean and the people who care about them.

Cocos Island nominated for Global Ocean Refuge distinction

Cocos Island is located 532 km from Cabo Blanco, Puntarenas.

Golfo Dulce: The Sweet Gulf of Costa Rica

Amazing amounts of biodiversity in and around the Golfo Dulce make it a magical place.

Costa Rica launches quest to replace most single-use plastic by 2021

Costa Rica generates 4,000 tons of waste every day. Of these, 11 percent are plastics that end up in the sea, including 1.5 million plastic bottles.

New study: Costa Rica is giving away its fishing wealth

Costa Rica receives some $19 for each metric ton of tuna that can later reach a market price of some $2,000.

Costa Rican Electricity Institute launches construction of artificial reef

ICE officials expect algae to begin adhering to the structures so that coral, polyps, fish and other marine species begin reproducing.

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