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Costa Rica judicial system

OIJ investigates bomb that damaged Teletica building

Authorities are working to find those responsible.

BREAKING: Costa Rican prosecutor dies after shooting at his home

Chief Prosecutor Emilia Navas responded energetically over Twitter to the shooting of the Heredia-based prosecutor.

Judicial watchdog dismisses claims of errors in Jairo Mora murder trial

Among other reasons, the tribunal noted that the claim “failed to properly and precisely describe the alleged errors incurred” by judges in Jairo Mora murder's first trial.

Costa Rican judicial reform bill would create specialized drug courts

Debate over the need for specialized judges and courts to review drug trafficking cases followed the arrest of a prominent judge in the Caribbean province of Limón, Judge Rosa Elena Gamboa, in May 2014.

No prison sentences for petty theft, lawmakers propose

Two Costa Rican lawmakers want to fine small-time thieves instead of jailing them as a way to reduce pressure on the country's overcrowded prisons. Their draft bill calls for eliminating prison penalties for theft under ₡200,000.

Despite doubling of staff, Costa Rica’s judicial branch resolves far fewer cases than in 2000

In 2000, a total of 841 cases were resolved by a single court, meaning they ended without any appeals to higher courts. But that number dropped to 486 by 2013, according to the report.

Supreme Court re-elects Jorge Chavarría as Costa Rica’s chief prosecutor despite protests

With 16 votes in favor and six against, Supreme Court justices on Monday afternoon re-elected Jorge Chavarría Guzmán as Costa Rica's chief public prosecutor for another four-year term.

Costa Rican lawmakers remove Supreme Court justice accused of rape

All 53 lawmakers present at a Monday session of the Legislative Assembly voted in favor of removing Supreme Court Justice Óscar González Camacho from the bench, just days before González would have retired. The unanimous vote means González now will face a criminal trial on six counts of alleged rape and one count of attempted rape.

Legislative hearing on Supreme Court justice facing rape charges delayed until next week

A Legislative Assembly hearing to discuss the possible removal of Supreme Court Justice Óscar González Camacho of the court's Civil Chamber, or Sala I, was postponed until Monday. González faces six criminal charges of rape and one charge of attempted rape.

Costa Rica’s top prosecutor: Judicial branch must get better at policing drug cartel influence

Mexican and Colombian drug cartels have infiltrated Costa Rica's judicial system, the country's top prosecutor said Friday, following the arrest of a high-profile judge accused of working for drug traffickers.

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