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Costa Rica elections

Right-Wing Chaves wins Costa Rica presidency as Figueres concedes

Right-wing former finance minister Rodrigo Chaves will take over as Costa Rica's new president on May 8 after winning Sunday's election, poised to oversee...

Election Day in Costa Rica

Today, Costa Ricans head to the polls to elect the new President for the next four years. The race is between José María Figueres...

Costa Rica 2022 Presidential Poll Has Surprise Results

A poll has been taken by the University Of Costa Rica’s CIEP has produced some results that has take many election watchers by surprise. In...

How and Where to Vote For Costa Rican Expats

Whether living within Costa Rican’s magnificent country or having settled elsewhere on other ventures, there is one thing you can always count on, a...

Costa Rica sets up Voting Booths in 19 Prisons

Over 8000 prisoners are registered to vote in the upcoming National elections including the choosing of a new President on Sunday February 6. Election...

Costa Rica Presidential debate ends without a winner, analysts say

The debate "was of value for the minority candidates, but it was just a window, it was not defining moment for the voters. (…)...

Costa Rica goes to the polls to choose municipal leaders

Costa Ricans began voting Sunday to elect the authorities that will govern their 82 municipalities over the next four years.

A second round, Holy Sunday and the poor electoral menu

Let’s assume it's a fact that Costa Rica will vote for its next president for the first time in our history on Easter Sunday,...

Three imaginary political headlines from Costa Rica’s future

Alvaro Murillo imagines a 2018 presidential election with more than 100 parties, a 100% victory for a national hero, and widespread euphoria... all leading to disaster.

Costa Rican legislator praises Trump’s tactics as he eyes new presidential bid

Libertarian lawmaker and former presidential candidate Otto Guevara says he'll decide next year whether to run for president, but that his party should learn a few things from U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's playbook.

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