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Costa Rica drug patrols

Drugs flown from Costa Rica to US for destruction

In 2020, Costa Rican authorized seized a record 71.2 tons of cocaine and marijuana. The United States provides financial and material support to Costa Rica's anti-narcotics efforts. 

Six arrested in Costa Rica with 1.1 metric tons of cocaine

Costa Rican authorities seized 1.1 metric tons of cocaine and detained six men

Costa Rican authorities seize 954 kilos of cocaine from Europe-bound ship

The drugs had been concealed in a load of banana pulp.

Costa Rica seizes 2.5 tons of cocaine in two operations

Costa Rican authorities seized 2.5 tons of cocaine in two separate operations carried out on the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines

1,000 kilos of cocaine seized off coast of Puntarenas

Costa Rican authorities have seized 2,147 kilos of cocaine already this month.

U.S. donates new station, speed boat to Costa Rica’s Coast Guard

The U.S. government also donated a 45-foot-long interceptor speed boat that local Coast Guard officials dubbed “Cadejos 3.”

Joint Costa Rica-US patrols yield more than 2,000 kilos of drugs

Coast Guard vessels from both countries detained two fishing boats transporting drugs and another transporting fuel barrels, suspected of supplying smuggling boats.

Costa Rican cops report seven tons of marijuana, 21 tons of cocaine confiscated in 2014

Police operations carried out by the Public Security Ministry during 2014 resulted in the seizure of seven tons of processed marijuana and the elimination of 872,923 marijuana plants, Minister Celso Gamboa reported on Tuesday.

Lawmakers extend permission for 44 US Coast Guard ships to patrol, dock in Costa Rica

In the last voting of Tuesday's full legislative session, lawmakers approved docking permission for 44 U.S. Coast Guard vessels that will conduct joint-patrol operations with Costa Rican authorities from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2015.

Drug traffickers lure Costa Rica’s struggling coastal fishermen with offers of easy money

Several large seizures recently have shed light on a trend of young fishermen without criminal records who are risking their freedom for quick cash by ferrying cocaine or assisting traffickers to move drugs north to the United States along the country’s Pacific coastline.

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