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Understanding HOA fees in new Costa Rica developments

I have been a real estate agent since before condominiums and gated communities even existed in Costa Rica. Even in those days, security was an issue. Due to a lack of social welfare and being a developing country, petty thievery and breaking and entering has always existed in Costa Rica, so the creation of condominiums was a good idea.

Condominium advances and strengthens Limon economy

The Condominios del Parque Caribe luxury real estate project is unique in the Limón area.

Don’t want to pay your condo fees? Do you want to keep your condo?

Costa Rican law regulates the effective collection of condominium maintenance fees, and the consequences of non-payment can be as severe as being evicted and losing your property.

Parque Caribe condos bring luxury living to Limón

The Parque Caribe condominium project, Limón's first luxury housing development, has 48 of 240 units ready for move-in.

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