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Costa Rica
Monday, October 18, 2021
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Will Anaerobic Coffee Change What You Drink In The Morning?

If you pay attention to the coffee market, then you will know that a lot of good things in the world of coffee come...

How to Pair Coffee and Chocolate from Costa Rica

If you have ever been to Costa Rica or thought of taking a trip there, you have likely heard about the various coffee and...

Effects of Climate Change on Costa Rica Coffee

Coffee has played an intrinsic role in Costa Rican culture for the better part of 200 years. It is one of the largest exports...

Costa Rica Coffee Whole Bean or Pre-Ground: Is there a Difference?

You’re walking down the bread aisle at the grocery store and habitually toss a bag of white bread into your cart. When you get...

International Coffee Day and Costa Rica

Every day should be a celebration, and if you’re actively looking for reasons, it isn’t hard to find one quirky way or another to...

Costa Rica Coffee Culture at a Crossroads

The traditional cafe society in Costa Rica has reached a cultural crossroads. Older generations of coffee drinking traditionalists are crossing paths with a newer...

Costa Rica Coffee Pickers: A Day in the Life

The Tarrazu region in Costa Rica is famed for producing rich cups of coffee full of chocolate, orange, and dried fruit undertones. Costa Rican...

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