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A Costa Rica Christmas Tamal With Your Coffee

Our daily Costa Rican moment of zen. #tanlindaCostaRica

From Berry to Brew: The Heartbeat of Costa Rican Coffee Harvesting

AROUND COSTA RICA: It’s harvest time again, but this year’s crop isn’t looking so hot.

Costa Rica Expat Living – Coffee

After thirty years in Costa Rica, I can no longer deny it: My name is Don Mateo, and I am a coffee addict. It...

Climate Change Threatens Costa Rica Coffee Industry: How Farmers are Adapting

Coffee in Costa Rica is not just a beverage; it's a way of life and it represents a significant portion of the country's economy....

Coffee harvest in Central America affected by migration to the US

The El Encanto farm, nestled in a mountain in central Honduras, is working with half of the coffee pickers it needs due to the...

Growing and Roasting Coffee at Home

HOME GARDEN: How to grow your very own pesticide free, super-healthy coffee.

Aussie Cafe offers Panamanian Coffee at $140 a Cup

Melbourne has long been famed for its coffee culture, with Italian and Greek migrants infusing the city with all things bean and cup since...

Was 2022 a Bad Year? Try a little Costa Rican Magic for a Lucky 2023

An old Tico belief holds that whatever you’re doing when the clock strikes 12 on Dec. 31 will characterize your year to come.

Old Costa Rica Christmas Traditions like Nativity Scenes, Rosaries Still Alive

The nativity scene remains an unique and integral part of a Costa Rican Christmas.

Nespresso Enters the Compostable Coffee Capsule Market

Nespresso will launch compostable coffee capsules next year to respond to competitors trying to penetrate the lucrative home coffee machine market with increasingly eco-friendly...

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