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Cocos Island National Park

Cocos Island earns worldwide ‘Blue Park’ distinction from Marine Conservation Institute

The distinction highlights the world's best protected places in the ocean and the people who care about them.

Cocos Island nominated for Global Ocean Refuge distinction

Cocos Island is located 532 km from Cabo Blanco, Puntarenas.

Pic of the Day: Costa Rica’s Isla Nublar (aka Cocos Island)

Isla Nublar, the setting for much of the "Jurassic Park" series, is unfortunately not a real Costa Rican island. 

US donates $19 million to Costa Rica Coast Guard

The new patrol boats will expand the Coast Guard's reach to 5,500 kilometers, allowing patrols to reach Costa Rica’s maritime borders with Ecuador and Colombia.

Costa Rican awarded prestigious marine conservation fellowship

Costa Rican environmentalist Randall Arauz is one of five selected for the Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation.

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