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San José, Costa Rica: One of the first cities with electricity

In 1884, San José, Costa Rica, became one of the first cities in the world to be illuminated with electric lighting.

Power overload in Panama causes outage in Costa Rica

Traffic Police Director Mario Calderón reported that there were 71 accidents during the power outage throughout the country.

Ombudsman’s Office opposes hikes in electricity rates for CNFL

The Ombudsman's Office called the hike petition excessive and said it would affect both households and businesses.

Reduced electricity rates this year? Don’t hold your breath

ICE Executive President Carlos Obregón and CNFL General Manager Víctor Solís will have to appear before a Legislative Assembly committee to explain the impact of the agencies' investments on electricity rates.

Lawmakers exclude full hybrids from electric cars bill

The bill proposes a series of tax incentives for promoting the purchase of new electric cars and plug-in hybrids, including the elimination of the sales, selective consumption and customs taxes.

Regulator approves decrease in electricity rates

The onset of Costa Rica's rainy season and the launch of two renewable energy projects have prompted a decrease in electricity rates for the next quarter.

Homes, businesses that produce renewable energy can now store it in the grid

Costa Rican homes and businesses that generate electricity through solar and other renewable sources can store surplus in the grid starting Friday.

Regulatory Authority approves lower electricity rates except for San José, Cartago residents

Electricity rates in Costa Rica will be up to 5 percent cheaper for customers of six of the country’s eight main suppliers thanks to abundant renewable energy.

Travel Alert: Route 32 through Braulio Carrillo closed over the weekend

If you're planning to travel from San José to the Caribbean this weekend, or vice versa, you'll need to find an alternative to Route 32.

Costa Rica seeks to boost electric, hybrid cars

Costa Rica leads the world in green energy, but lags on vehicle pollution. A bill under discussion in the legislature seeks to change that.

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