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Catholic Church in Costa Rica Ordered to Pay Compensation

The Catholic Church of Costa Rica was convicted of sexual abuse against a minor. A Costa Rican Court indicated that the Church had to...

Catholic Procession Banned in Nicaragua by Police Order

The Catholic Church of Nicaragua reported Friday that the police notified it that for "security reasons" the procession to close the Marian congress and...

Ortega wants to “silence” Church in Nicaragua, says bishop

Nicaraguan Catholic bishop Rolando Alvarez, who began an "indefinite fast" in protest against a "police siege" against him, denounced Friday that the government of...

Pope cancels New Year’s Nativity visit over Covid fears

Pope Francis has cancelled his traditional New Year's Eve visit to the Nativity scene in St Peter's Square over concerns of spreading coronavirus among...

Pope calls for humility in Christmas Eve mass

Pope Francis Friday called on the faithful to value the "little things in life" and show solidarity with the poor in his Christmas Eve...

Latin America no stranger to Church sexual abuse allegations

Latin America has not been immune from allegations of the sexual abuse of minors perpetrated by priests and those within the Catholic Church.

Mexico extradites ex-priest accused of child abuse to Costa Rica

The ex-priest, who was expelled from the clergy, had fled Costa Rica because a complaint against him still had criminal repercussions.

Church prepares for Covid-appropriate Easter Holy Week

The Episcopal Conference, which groups the Catholic Church’s leaders in Costa Rica, is preparing faithful for a Covid-appropriate Easter Holy Week. 

Victims speak on allegations of abuse within Catholic Church in Costa Rica

"This country needs The Vatican to pay attention. We need them to realize that not only do these things happen in the United States or Chile, but in Costa Rica and Central America.”

7 can’t-miss reasons to visit Granada, Nicaragua

The oldest European-founded city in the Americas is just over the border with Nicaragua. This city of around 100,000 is the epicenter for our northern neighbor's tourism industry, and with good reason.

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