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La Prensa publishes blank front page to protest Nicaraguan government

La Prensa, Nicaragua's oldest newspaper, had a blank front page this Friday for the first time in its 93 years. The special front page was protesting the government's refusal to deliver imported ink and paper.

Government backpedals on media reform bill amid outcry

Telecommunications authorities found themselves in the baffling position of having to explain how and why provisions that the government said it opposed had made it into its own draft bill.

Organized crime and local power struggles blamed in murder of three Guatemalan journalists

Two journalists were murdered in the city of Mazatenango on March 10 and a third on March 13 in the nearby town of Chicacao. Guatemalan Interior Minister Mauricio López said Monday that the recent crimes could be related to a drug trafficking ring that operates in the area.


This isn’t about socialism, communism or capitalism. This is about militarization, human rights violations, abuse of power and corruption.

Costa Rica sees slight drop in press freedom ranking, is the top-ranked country in Latin America

Costa Rica ranks 21st in press freedom and third in all of the Americas, according to the 2014 World Press Freedom Index released Wednesday.

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