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Delays expected next week in Belén during meeting of Latin American presidents

Horacio Alvarado, mayor of Belén, asked for drivers to be patient on Wednesday and Thursday as Traffic Police briefly block roads between Juan Santamaría International Airport and the Centro de Eventos Pedregal for five minutes at a time so that presidential motorcades can pass.

CELAC should become an extreme poverty-free zone, says Ecuador’s foreign minister

This, along with the advancement of science, technology and innovation, as well as the strengthening of education at all levels throughout the region, are issues that CELAC should prioritize over the next five to 10 years, according to the South American official. Costa Rica hosts CELAC'S third summit meeting from Jan. 28-29.

Exiles in Costa Rica denounce alleged Venezuelan kidnapping plot

A Miami-based newspaper reported that a team of intelligence operatives posing as members of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s advance team for the upcoming January meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) arrived in Costa Rica to abduct José Gregorio “Gato” Briceño and other prominent exiles.

Costa Rica to chair regional meeting in Cuba to discuss Ebola preparedness

Members of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) will meet in Havana, Cuba, for two days starting Wednesday to discuss coordinated prevention and emergency response efforts for potential cases of Ebola in the region.

China offers $20 billion fund for Latin America infrastructure projects

BRASILIA – Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed Thursday to create a $20 billion fund to finance infrastructure projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. The fund was announced at the end of a summit hosted by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff that marked the launch of the China-Latin America-Caribbean Forum.

Public works deals should go back to the drawing board, says Solís in meeting with Chinese president

The renegotiations targeted several legacy projects devised by previous National Liberation Party administrations, including former presidents Óscar Arias (1986-1990, 2006-2010) and Laura Chinchilla (2010-2014), including Route 32 and the stalled Moín oil refinery.

Costa Rica’s Solís to address trade imbalance with China at CELAC meeting

President Luis Guillermo Solís, representing Costa Rica as the president pro tempore of the regional organization, is set to meet with the presidents of China, Brazil and Chile during the week-long event in Brasilia.

Solidarity aside, Costa Rica has little to offer Venezuela

Costa Rica, president pro tempore of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), released a statement Monday rejecting the recent violence in Venezuela and urging the government to comply with the rule of law and ensure the safety of its citizens.

Latin American summit opens in Cuba with attack on US spying

HAVANA, Cuba – Cuban President Raúl Castro Tuesday railed against U.S. spying as he opened a summit of Latin American and Caribbean leaders, a group set up by Venezuela's late anti-Western leader Hugo Chávez to counter U.S. influence.

In Latin America, right in retreat as left wins more elections

More than two decades after the Cold War, during which the United States backed anti-communist military rulers and pushed free-market policies in Latin America, conservative governments have virtually disappeared from the region.

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