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On bananas and the fungus that threatens global harvests

The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) last week declared a national emergency after detecting a fungus that experts say threatens global banana harvests. Panama disease Tropical...

Central American countries raise alert about banana wilt

Experts warn wilt could cripple local economies.

New strain of banana fungus threatens world harvests

A type of Fusarium wilt appeared this year in Australia's main banana-growing state after spreading to Asia and Africa. While the fungus has been around since the 1990s and has yet to affect top exporter Ecuador, Fresh Del Monte Produce called it a potential "big nightmare." The United Nations says the disease threatens supply, and Latin American growers are taking steps to limit the risk.

UN warns of risk to banana supply after disease spreads

The TR4 strain of Panama disease hasn't reached top Latin America exporters such as Ecuador, Costa Rica or Colombia, but it is spreading outside of Asia.

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