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Costa Rica Pens Potential $2 Billion Green Hydrogen Investment

On the third anniversary of the Costa Rica government’s National Decarbonization Plan President Carlos Alvarado signed a proposal to produce green hydrogen here in...

China to donate 6 Electric Buses to Costa Rica

According to the ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad ) China has announced the donation of six electric buses to Costa Rica. The donation was...

Costa Rica and carbon neutrality

The year 2021 has seen climate change and carbon neutrality issues rise to the forefront of global consciousness. From the wildfires of the western United...

Costa Rica adopts electric transport law to reduce emissions

The initiative eliminates sales, customs and circulation taxes for electric vehicles and allows them to use municipal parking facilities free of charge.

MOPT: Half of San José’s traffic lights will be solar-powered by year’s end

MOPT seeks to replace all traffic lights in the Greater Metropolitan Area with solar-powered systems by 2022.

Astronaut Franklin Chang’s Ad Astra to develop hydrogen-fueled transportation in Guanacaste

Ad Astra Rocket the company of former NASA astronaut Franklin Chang Díaz signed an agreement with EARTH University to research and develop hydrogen-based projects in the province of Guanacaste.

Mexico to spend $23 billion to cut greenhouse gases

While world governments held climate talks in Paris, Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto unveiled $3 billion plans to cut sulfur content in gasoline produced at six refineries of state-run firm Pemex, reducing emissions by 90 percent.

Costa Rica to step up carbon-neutral coffee production

Coffee fans will soon have another reason to buy Costa Rican brews. On Tuesday, officials from the Environment Ministry announced a new goal to convert 25,000 hectares of coffee plantations to carbon-efficient farms.

Costa Rica backs away from 2021 carbon neutrality goal

Costa Rica committed to a goal of zero net emissions by 2085 in its proposal for the Paris climate talks — 64 years later than the 2021 carbon neutrality goal set by the Oscar Arias administration in 2010.

Costa Rica boasts clean energy — and bad car pollution

With an electricity grid supplied by hydroelectric dams across rivers, from the heat of its numerous volcanoes, and from wind and the sun, the small Central American nation expects 97 percent of its energy generation to come from renewable sources this year.

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