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Osama and Fidel, the crocodiles patrolling their territory in Costa Rica

After several minutes of cruising, Jason adjusts his binoculars and signals. "There it is," he says. Camouflaged in the mud and rocks, the head...

Please don’t BASE jump off Costa Rica’s tallest bridge, authorities say

A tourist took advantage of the impressive, unused railway bridge for an adrenaline-packed base jump.

MOPT installing anti-suicide barriers over Saprissa bridge

Installation began earlier this month and will finish before October.

Finally! Public Works Ministry reopens La Platina bridge

Repairs to La Platina bridge have cost taxpayers a total of ¢9.4 billion ($16.2 million) since 2009.

Public Works Minister pledges to open La Platina bridge next week

MOPT crews on Wednesday finished work on the expansion joints, the structures that aim to fix the problem that gave the bridge its infamous nickname.

La Platina bridge will partially reopen next week

Public Works and Transport Minister Carlos Villalta said he expects the bridge to be completed, with its six lanes fully operational, by April 30.

‘La Platina’ bridge to be partially closed for over a month, officials say

The La Platina bridge that keeps causing nightmares for Costa Rican drivers will be closed for six weeks beginning on Jan. 21

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