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Brazil poverty

In shadow of Brazil World Cup, a nonprofit builds fields of hope

The World Cup operates on a four-year cycle. Players, coaches, teams come and go, and any semblance of permanency can seem like an illusion. What's left behind are the stadiums, reminders of games played and money spent.

Most Brazilians don’t want to host the World Cup

A new Pew Poll finds that 61 percent of Brazilians fell that hosting the World Cup is a "bad thing because it takes money away from public services" vs. just 34 percent who think it's a "good thing because it creates jobs."

Brazilian street artist creates World Cup’s first viral image

All you have to understand is that despite massive gains made over the past decade, poverty levels are still appallingly high, and the World Cup is costing the nation billions of dollars that could be spent elsewhere.

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