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Cuban migrants caught in limbo again as Nicaragua sends them back to Costa Rica

Nicaragua temporarily closed its border with Costa Rica, and riot police fired tear gas after 700 Cubans reportedly tried to peacefully cross on Sunday.

How long do I have to stay out of Costa Rica to renew my tourist visa?

Border runs. They're a pain in the wallet for perpetual tourists and immigrants waiting for their residency in Costa Rica. But how long do you have to be out of the country to renew a Costa Rica tourist visa? It’s time to set this straight for the record.

New Costa Rica-Nicaragua border crossing to open this weekend

With the new border facility, the Costa Rican government expects about 40 percent of the traffic that currently flows through Peñas Blancas to shift over the next 10 years to Las Tablillas, which is located 120 kilometers closer to the Caribbean coast.

Puente Sixaola: A border runs through it

Two buses, one perplexing walk to the Mepe station, a taxi, and two boats is what it took for my wife Melanie and I...

Panama and Costa Rica agree to strengthen border security

The countries discussed creating a joint task force made up of police officers from both sides of the border.

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