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Restaurant grease turned cooking gas for Guanacaste police station

Used cooking grease from 30 restaurants at Santa Teresa de Cóbano, one of the most popular beach destinations in Guanacaste, is providing a local police station with biogas for its kitchen.

Kiva, Viogaz offer microloans for biodigesters in rural Costa Rica

What if you could make your own clean-burning fuel in the campo? San Francisco-based microfinance firm Kiva is partnering with Costa Rica’s Viogaz to offer loans for biodigesters in rural Costa Rica.

Burning humanity’s poop could yield up to $9.5 billion

We could all be sitting on gold mines. U.N. researchers calculated that extracting biogas from human poop could be worth up to $9.5 billion.

Government, environmental groups agree to temporarily postpone approval of waste gasification

Lawmakers of the ruling Citizen Action Party next week will evaluate their support to the environmentalists' petition.

ICE could sell surplus electricity to neighboring countries

Costa Rica in 2014 earned some $3.6 million by selling its surplus electricity to other Central American countries, ARESEP reported. Business leaders hope ICE will again sell excess hydroenergy to neighboring countries, and in turn, lower electrity costs in Costa Rica.

San Ramón public school receives landmark solar panels

There is much to commemorate: Not only does Jorge Washington turn 75 years old this month, but it is allegedly the first urban public school in Costa Rica to harness solar power effectively.

Citizen group voices support for government moratorium on thermal conversion of solid waste to electricity

A new group called “Hacia Basura Cero” is lobbying for a continued ban on thermal processes that convert solid waste to trash.

Municipalities challenge moratorium on solid waste gasification projects

The National Association of Municipalities on Wednesday will present a complaint to an administrative court challenging a moratorium on the use of trash to generate electricity. The temporary ban was decreed by the Environment Ministry last June.

Costa Rica to sign loan with Japan for expansion of geothermal energy projects

A delegation led by President Luis Guillermo Solís on Monday will meet with representatives of the Japanese government to sign a $550 million loan to finance the construction of three geothermal power plants in the northwestern province of Guanacaste.

Let the gas prices climb, but give us electric cars

If the price of gas goes down, none of us will do anything to change.

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