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African migrants

Dire conditions for migrants camped out in Peñas Blancas

Hundreds of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean are camped out near the Costa Rican border town Peñas Blancas, trying to find a way to continue their journey north to the United States.

Nowhere to go: A day at a Costa Rica migrant shelter

As Central and South American countries seek a regional solution to the latest migrant crisis, migrants stuck in Costa Rica say they’re running out of money and becoming increasingly desperate.

Dispatch from the border: Migrants have shelter but little else

African migrants have basic shelter along the border of Costa Rica and Panama but the only thing they really want is safe passage to the U.S.

Migrants flowing through is likely Costa Rica’s new normal, minister says

The Tico Times sat down with Communications Minister Mauricio Herrera to talk about how the government is approaching the latest wave of unauthorized immigration, which included more than 1,400 people in May.

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