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Supreme Court: Banco Nacional engaged in “coercion” in La Nación case

Sala IV justices ruled that Banco Nacional actions damaged the right to freedom of expression and citizens’ rights to accurate information.

Supreme Court bans use of national symbols in liquor ads

On Monday, Costa Rica celebrates the Annexation of Guanacaste, one of the preferred holidays for businesses to air ads with patriotic symbols and traditional music.

Yahoo shuts users out of their email

Users started complaining late last week on social media and ad-blocking forums that a message prompting them to disable ad-blocking software appeared when they tried to view their email.

Famed Costa Rican adventurer explores his home turf

The 20-day trip kicked off Sept. 17 in the Caribbean coastal town of Puerto Viejo, and will finish in the second week of October at the center of San José. Rojas is now on the third stage of the trip, in Guanacaste, and has visited national parks, nature reserves, and beaches, among other destinations.

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