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Ad Astra

Ad Astra wins $10 million NASA contract for deep space rocket

The plasma engine could also be mounted on a rocket to deflect asteroids heading too close to the Earth and eventually deep space missions to Mars and beyond.

Costa Rica’s Franklin Chang pushes space agenda in Washington

"The excitement of exploration has to give way to the real business at hand: the expansion of humans into space. I’m not just talking about space tourism, but mining, research, resettling, everything. We don’t want to wait until the planet becomes uninhabitable."

Tico astronaut Franklin Chang reaches first fundraising goal

Chang hopes to raise money to produce a documentary video about how the plasma rocket engine he designed will function.

Tico astronaut Franklin Chang raises online funds for upcoming documentary film

Chang turned to to help promote the launch of his plasma engine, which is set for a mission in 2014.

Tico astronaut Franklin Chang inducted into U.S. hall of fame

Chang, the first Latin American to visit space, holds the record for most space trips.

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