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Diplomats warn Guatemala against army use

“It’s sad that a legitimate protest has ended with deaths” the U.N.’s representative in Guatemala for the High Commission on Human Rights, Alberto Brunori, said.

Update: Judge orders Guatemala’s Otto Pérez Molina jailed pending corruption hearing

GUATEMALA CITY – Guatemala's Congress accepted President Otto Pérez Molina's resignation Thursday as he appeared in court over corruption allegations following unprecedented protests that have upended the political scene, three days from elections.

Guatemalan foreign minister: Murdered indigenous protesters not something to ‘make a big deal about’

Protesters were trying to draw attention to increasing electricity rates and policies of the administration of President Otto Pérez Molina.

Guatemalans Protest Rising Cost of Living

GUATEMALA CITY – Thousands of Guatemalan campesinos marched down the streets of the capital Aug. 5 to demand government action to ensure food security...

Guatemala and El Salvador reactivate border police

El Salvador is the largest source of visitors to Guatemala.

Sweeping victory for comedian in Guatemala election

Despite the candidate's large margin of victory, the election was marked by apathy -- only 56 of registered voters cast ballots, according to preliminary results announced Monday.

Conservation group Sea Shepherd strikes deal with Guatemala to patrol Pacific

The Brigitte Bardot, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s 35-meter interceptor vessel, arrived at Guatemala’s Port San José last week for an unexpected mission: to help the Guatemalan Navy patrol the Pacific for marlin poachers.

Wikileaks: Colom called Nobel Prize Laureate Menchú “a fabrication”

Guatemalan President Alvaro Colomo referred to Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchú as a “fabrication” created by French anthropologist Elizabeth Burgos, according to a WikiLeaks...

Guatemala extradites ex-President Portillo to the U.S. on money laundering charges

Alfonso Portillo was flown to the U.S. by Secret Service agents on a private jet.

Guatemala has no idea how many of its undocumented citizens live in the United States

An estimated two million Guatemalan immigrants living in the United States are undocumented, but not even the Guatemalan government knows the actual number, immigration attorney Pablo Solares claimed.

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