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Tips for meaningful travel in Costa Rica

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your Costa Rican experience.

How a cowboy saved me $30,000 in Costa Rica

One of our columnists remembers a key moment from one of his first visits to Costa Rica.

Despite its dark past, Medellín, Colombia, remains one of Latin America’s great cities

Once synonymous with drugs and bloodshed, Medellín now provides an unbelievably vibrant and colorful stage for an increasing number of foreign visitors.

Caliche’s Wishbone in Jacó is a seafood paradise for the hungry surfer

Caliche's Wishbone in Jacó makes the perfect option for seafood lovers and weary surfers looking for a full meal after a day on the beach.

Café Rojo: And here the twain shall meet

Café Rojo is cute. The red sign hanging from the iron gate is cute. The one-room dining room is cute. Slatted wood tables out...

Urban bus tour celebrates San José

“When you’re on vacation,” says Andrés Oreamuno, “you want to take the most advantage of your time. You don’t want to waste a minute.” So...
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Costa Rica Travel Insurance

Costa Rica Tackles Measles Threat with Vaccination Campaign

Costa Rican health authorities have focused on continuing the vaccination of children against measles, rubella, and mumps. Although the country has historically maintained high...

Best Time to Watch April Lyrids Meteor Shower in Costa Rica

Those who love astronomical phenomena have an appointment in the early hours of Sunday to Monday, as they will be able to observe the...

Costa Rican Companies Struggle with Low Dollar Exchange Rate

Costa Rican companies had warned on several occasions that keeping the dollar so low was causing many economic problems. They emphasized that without action,...