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What to Do if Bees Attacks you in Cost Rica

The only thing someone can do when attacked by bees is run, preferably in a zig-zag pattern, to the shelter of deep water or an enclosed home People have been known to outrun bees by running up to 800 meters.

It is best to run through bushy areas – the bees will lose the victim among the foliage.According to bee experts, each time a bee stings, it emits pheromones – powerful chemical alarms that help the other bees locate you, meaning hiding places that trap a victim should be avoided.

Do not slap at the bee – that may also attract more.Bees follow dark colors more easily; a victim wearing light-colored clothing stands a better chance in an attack. Victims of multiple stings should try to remove all the stingers, which contain a venom that continues to be secreted after the attack. Head as quickly as possible for the nearest health center for a shot of cortisone.

Bees build their nests in hollow trees, sewer pipes, hollows in rocks and so on. Anyone encountering a hive is advised to keep a safe distance and call for professional help.

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