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Thursday, May 26, 2022

National Police: Property crime down in Limón from last year

The National Police received 2,512 complaints for property crimes during the first half of this year, representing a 13.6 percent drop from the same period of 2016.

Men caught with one ton of drugs in Costa Rica allowed to walk free, police say

Even though police said the men were throwing drugs off the boat and into the sea at the sight of officers, they were allowed to walk free after a ruling from a Limón judge.

Foreigner caught stealing hours after being detained for threatening neighbors with machete

Police said Andersson was caught in the act of stealing items from a grocery just hours after threatening neighbors with a machete.

Salvadoran man deported from United States suspected in murder at San José hotel

The Salvadoran man was deported from Los Angeles, California in September of 2016, and entered Costa Rica a few days later.

Two Costa Ricans investigated for role in international child porn ring

The men that were identified only by their last names – Matamoros Duarte and Rojas Jiménez – were briefly detained Monday following police raids in San Pedro and Heredia

Three inmates suffer burns, 127 evacuated during prison mutiny in San José

Three of the prisoners had burns on various parts of their bodies; others suffered respiratory problems caused by smoke.

Costa Rican prosecutors investigate luxury condominium fraud in Central Valley

On Monday, Costa Rican prosecutors announced they are launching an investigation of real estate group Homes Grupo Inmobilario for various developments in the Central Valley.

Attempted robbery goes awry when burglar gets caught in window

A would-be robber got a taste of karma this weekend in Liberia, Costa Rica when he got trapped in the window of the house he tried to steal from.

Notorious crime family members indicted; alleged ties to Costa Rican sportsbook

Members from the famed Genovese crime family were arrested Thursday after being linked to a Costa Rican-based bookmaking operation.

Costa Rican tourism cop locked up and robbed at police station

Two men held up a cop in Santa Teresa and locked him in his own station before stealing three pistols, tourism police say.
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