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Costa Rica Coffee Pickers: A Day in the Life

The Tarrazu region in Costa Rica is famed for producing rich cups of coffee full of chocolate, orange, and dried fruit undertones. Costa Rican...

Costa Rica Coffee Processing Methods: Washed, Natural, Honey

As a reader of the Tico Times,  you are probably aware that Costa Rica is a country known for many things. Lush scenery, beautiful...

Costa Rica Organization Bean Voyage launches fellowship for social change

Those interested in becoming Care Fellows should submit an application for the Youth Fellowship by May 20, 2019.  

Starbucks investigating climate-change resistant coffee in Costa Rica

Under the agreement, Starbucks and ICAFE will investigate the capacity of five types of coffee, the institute said in a statement.

Costa Rica Coffee and A Tour Of Café Viñas

Tucked away in the foothills of the Turrialba Volcano is Café Viñas, an artisanal Costa Rican coffee experience.

Guatemalan coffee exporters hope 2015 will bring better news

Guatemalan coffee growers, devastated by a fungus known as roya that rots the leaves of coffee plants, must “learn to live” with the killer disease. That’s the sad conclusion of Julio Ligorría, Guatemala’s ambassador to the United States, speaking Wednesday to The Tico Times.

Chinese Balloon Spotted Flying Over Costa Rica?

Costa Rica social media has been abuzz with posts and photos of a large white balloon seen flying over the country. The reports started...

Costa Rica Ice Hockey: Winter Olympic Dreams in the Tropics

It is not widely appreciated or publicized but it is possible to ice skate and play ice hockey in Costa Rica and an ice...

Costa Rica Plans to Modify Recreational Marijuana Bill

The Costa Rican government is set to present a substitute text to the recreational marijuana bill after obtaining feedback from different institutions. According to Natalia...

Speculation About Balloon Seen Over Costa Rica Continues

On Friday the Tico Times reported about sightings of a large white balloon seen in several areas over Costa Rica. Social media was being bombarded...