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Some help for the holidays: One-day getaways from San José

If you’ve got some time on your hands over the holidays but are looking to stay a little closer to the Central Valley, here are five great one-day getaways from San José.

Photos: A visit to a Costa Rican Cabécar indigenous community

Visiting the San José Cabecar indigenous community, located in the mountains of Talamanca, Limón, is not something many people have the chance to do. This community is one of the few in Costa Rica that has maintained a significant part of its identity; they still use natural medicine, hunting and fishing techniques, traditional cultural activities and language.

Albino Boa at the Costa Rica Refugio

Albino animals are not all that rare, says Rodolfo Vargas, founder and director of the Herpetology Refuge in Santa Ana. But in the wild they rarely grow to size. Without camouflage, they are easily seen by predators. A fully grown, 3-meter long, white boa constrictor is therefore extremely rare.

Costa Rica fans drive to Brazil in … The Chunche

There are many ways to get to Brazil for the World Cup in June. One trio of Costa Ricans will drive there in what they call “El Chunche.”

Baile de la panadera

The Baile de la Panadera, or the Baker's Dance, is so obscure that many people who make a point of knowing every cultural event in Costa Rica haven't heard about it.

Back to school for Costa Rican students today

Some 940,000 students from Costa Rica's public schools started classes Monday. Hailyn Guido, 9, and her mother, Patricia Loza, arrived to the Buenaventura Corrales...

Have you tried a Costa Rican Churchill?

On a recent trip I took to the port city of Puntarenas, I noticed a bunch of signs advertising “Churchills.” All along the Paseo de Turistas, restaurants and stands announced that their Churchills were the best in town. Good for them, I thought. But what in Costa Rica was a Churchill?
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