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Nicaragua releases 200+ opp. prisoners, expelling to U.S.

More than 200 opponents released this Thursday in Nicaragua by the government of Daniel Ortega, were deprived of their political rights, stripped of their...

3 Nicaraguan Opposition Prisoners Released from Jail for Health Reasons

The Nicaraguan government released three opponents it was holding in detention, among them a former presidential candidate, to place them under house arrest "for...

Human rights body demands Nicaragua release political prisoners

The Organization of American States' (OAS) human rights arm on Friday called on Nicaragua to "immediately free" opposition figures detained in a wave of...

Nicaraguans gather in Costa Rica to celebrate release of political prisoners

Hernandez and other Nicaraguans gathered in response to the Ortega regime freeing at least 100 political prisoners under a new amnesty law.

Nicaragua govt agrees to prisoner release to restart opposition talks

Nicaragua's government agreed on Wednesday to release opposition prisoners within 90 days in order to restart stalled peace talks aimed at ending an 11-month political crisis, a dialogue mediator said.

Brazil’s Lula stays in prison as top judges tussle over release

Brazil's leftist former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva remained in prison Wednesday as two supreme court judges issued competing orders over whether he should be released while he tries to get his graft conviction overturned.

30 protesters released from prison in Nicaragua

The liberation of 30 opponents of Daniel Ortega’s government this Monday was greeted with relief by human rights organizations, who however have not forgotten that another 500 protesters are “unfairly” imprisoned for protesting.

Release of prisoners in Costa Rica angers politicians, tourism industry

A judge's order to release 380 prisoners from Alajuela's overcrowded Gerardo Rodríguez prison has caused government infighting and pushback from the tourism industry.

Costa Rica’s Eduardo Li to request release on bail from US prison

Former Costa Rican Football Federation President Eduardo Li is the only remaining FIFA leader who remains in a U.S. prison.

Costa Rica’s Supreme Court orders release of Nicaraguan unjustly imprisoned for 17 months

Justices ordered Costa Rica's Prison System and the Judicial Investigation Police to open an investigation on the case.

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In a move that exemplifies the intersection of technology and legislation, a group of representatives from diverse political parties in Costa Rica have introduced...

Costa Rica’s Health Campaign Promoting a Vape-Free Life:

In an effort to safeguard public health, several Costa Rican institutions have joined forces to launch a campaign against vaping. Under the slogan "Enjoy...

Costa Rica’s Diario Extra Newspaper Closes After Almost Half a Century

In a surprising announcement, Grupo Extra, the owner of popular tabloid Extra, Canal Extra TV, and Radio América, revealed the closure of its operations...

Guatemala and US Launch ‘Secure Mobility Offices’ to Tackle Migration

Guatemala and the United States announced on Wednesday the operation as of June 12 of the "Secure Mobility Offices" in the Central American country,...

Celebrating Motherhood: Nicaragua’s Biggest Belly Contest

Motherhood is a profound and transformative journey that deserves to be celebrated in all its unique aspects. In Nicaragua, an extraordinary event took place...
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