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Turrialba Volcano Cable Car Project Could Transform Costa Rica Tourism

Imagine being able to witness the breathtaking beauty of the Turrialba Volcano from above in a cable car. This may soon become a reality, thanks to a pioneering proposal set forth by Congress representatives Rosaura Méndez (PLN), Alejandro Pacheco (PUSC), and Pilar Cisneros, representing the ruling party.

The proposed installation of a cable car system is part of the “Nuevo Territorio Turrialba y Jiménez” project, which aims to catalyze social inclusion and economic revitalization in the region. At the heart of this endeavor lies a commitment to bolstering the local economy and creating fresh employment opportunities for the community.

Following an extensive evaluation process, conducted last April by two Swiss engineers, the feasibility of the project was confirmed. The cable car line would stretch approximately 2.5 kilometers, providing direct access to the Turrialba Volcano.

With four towers equipped with cabins capable of accommodating between 12 to 20 individuals each, the infrastructure promises to accommodate a diverse range of visitors, including those with mobility limitations.

In a statement released by the PLN deputy, it was underscored that the proposed cable car system would not only enhance accessibility to the volcano but also ensure safer and more inclusive access, meaning it would allow a broader spectrum of individuals to visit, boosting tourism.

Legislative representatives have actively engaged in dialogues with local stakeholders, including farm owners and residents, to ascertain the optimal strategies for the installation of the cable car system.

Álvaro Ramírez, technical advisor of Nuevo Territorio Turrialba y Jiménez, emphasized the significance of realizing this transformative project.

“If we manage to redirect part of that visitation to Turrialba, with the improvements we have planned in Guayabo, we could establish a tourist circuit that would encourage people to spend the night in Turrialba,” he said.

At the moment, it is not known how the initiative will be financed. However, the proponents point out that it has been endoresed by several sectors, so they hope that a consensus on the funds for its construction can be reached soon.

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