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Naviera Tambor Ferry Collides with Paquera Ramp

A Naviera Tambor ferry collided violently with the access ramp in Paquera, Puntarenas, while carrying dozens of cars and passengers bound for the mainland.

This collision resulted in significant structural damage, leading the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) to suspend vessel disembarkation in Paquera until further notice.

“When we arrived at the site, we were able to determine that indeed the modular bridge, which serves as a ramp, is completely damaged. We even observed that some of the buckled structures used to support the vessel are also damaged in their entirety,” stated MOPT officials.

Given the circumstances and recognizing transportation needs, particularly with the closure of the La Amistad bridge in Guanacaste, MOPT announced that the ferry service between Puntarenas and Playa Naranjo will now operate 24/7.

Authorities estimate it will take two months to repair the platform damaged by the ferry collision at the Paquera terminal on Tuesday. Verny Jiménez, from the Maritime Port Division, stated, “After an assessment, we confirmed extensive damage to the platform, necessitating its immediate closure for maritime safety.”

The authorities aim to ensure that whenever the ferry reaches full capacity, it departs in both directions daily. To address the increased demand, the shipping company operating the Naranjo beach ferry 24/7 has been authorized to accommodate vehicles from the Paquera ferry.

This situation presents additional challenges for shipping companies, particularly the Cooperative of Maritime Transportation (COONATRAMAR), as they now have to share the pier. With extended operating hours, ferry companies were already stretched thin, resulting in delays at each point, testing the patience of passengers.

“Patience, positivity, and understanding are key, along with sunscreen and staying hydrated. We are here to serve you,” the Cooperative posted on its social media netowrks.

An investigation report is awaited to determine the cause of the accident. At present, no official information has been released regarding the accident’s cause. However, several users have reported that the ferry was traveling at high speed, suggesting it may have contributed to the crash.

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