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Costa Rica Supports Boxer Yokasta Valle After Disputed Loss

Costa Rican boxer Yokasta Valle faced Seniesa Estrada in the 105 lbs. all-title contest, held last night at the Desert Diamond Arena in Arizona. The match posed a significant challenge for Valle, with Estrada entering with an impressive track record of 25 wins, no losses, and holding two championship belts, including those from the World Boxing Association (WBA) and World Boxing Council (WBC).

Despite this, Valle showcased dominance in the rounds, landing crucial punches. Valle poured her heart and soul into the ring, delivering a magnificent performance. Although the judges unanimously scored the bout 97-93 in favor of Estrada (26-0, 9 knockouts), Valle won the hearts of the crowd.

Early in the match, Valle endured a cut on the right side of her eye, heightening the intensity of the fight. Nevertheless, she persisted, maintaining a stellar performance throughout the rounds.

“The people’s support is what matters most to me, and that leaves me satisfied,” said Yokasta Valle. Valle’s team expressed disappointment with the judge’s decision. Coach Gloria Alvarado didn’t mince words when addressing the media.

“For us, it’s a robbery,” stated the experienced coach. Alvarado called for a rematch while commending Valle’s efforts. She also criticized Estrada, alleging foul play.

“Yokasta fought with only one eye due to Seniesa’s intentional headbutt. Try fighting with blood obstructing your vision, and you’ll understand the challenge,” emphasized the coach. Valle underwent eight stitches to close a deep wound inflicted by her opponent during the match.

“She did it intentionally; I felt the impact of her headbutt. It’s disheartening to feel you’ve won, yet not receive acknowledgment from the judges, despite winning the crowd’s support,” added Valle.

Despite the loss, Costa Ricans flooded social media with messages of pride, expressing admiration for Valle’s elite-level performance. Many voiced frustration over what they perceived as an unjust outcome. Clearly, for the Costa Ricans, Valle was the rightful and unequivocal winner.

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