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Golfo Dulce is a Haven for Costa Rica Biodiversity Conservation

The conservation of terrestrial and marine species is one of the cornerstones of Golfo Dulce. Currently, projects such as the reinsertion of scarlet macaws to their natural habitat, the rehabilitation of reefs with the help of “coral gardeners” and the creation of conditions for the gulf’s waters to continue to be “hammerhead shark nurseries” before their natural migration to Cocos Island are some of the highlights of the project.

Coral reefs globally face the dire impacts of climate change and ocean warming. Alejandra Rojas, a tropical biologist from Golfito, elucidated, “Coral Gardening” endeavors in Golfo Dulce aim to rejuvenate these vital ecosystems. Measures include regulating tourist activities like snorkeling, promoting the use of reef-friendly sunscreens, and advocating responsible tourism practices to safeguard marine biodiversity.

Meanwhile, the collaborative scarlet macaw reintroduction project, led by Dolphin Lodge and Zoo Ave Animal Rescue Center, bears fruit.

“Over 300 scarlet macaws have been successfully reintroduced and released, with recent counts surpassing 350 on the premises,” shared Reymar Klochko, General Manager of Dolphin Lodge, reflecting on the project’s success in bolstering macaw populations.

Golfito, nestled amidst the Osa Peninsula and the South Pacific of Costa Rica, emerges as a haven for rich terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity. Renowned for its serene, crystalline waters, Golfo Dulce offers an idyllic habitat for resident dolphins, hammerhead sharks, and humpback whales, among numerous other marine species.

Beyond its aquatic wonders, Golfito attracts national and international tourists alike with an array of activities. From kayaking and paddle surfing to snorkeling and whale watching, visitors can immerse themselves in the region’s natural splendor.

On land, exploration opportunities abound, with Piedras Blancas National Park and Golfito National Wildlife Refuge offering glimpses of diverse bird species and scenic hiking trails. William Rodriguez, Minister of Tourism, underscored the region’s allure.

“The Brunca Region, particularly the canton of Golfito and Golfo Dulce, presents an enchanting destination brimming with biodiversity and a plethora of land and water activities. It stands as a prime choice for Easter tourism and year-round adventures,” he pointed out.

Recently “Golfo Dulce” was designated as a World Heritage Whale and Hammerhead Shark Sanctuary.

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