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New Tropical Depression to Affect Costa Rica 

The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) has announced that the low-pressure system they have been tracking has evolved into Tropical Depression Nº 19 in the Pacific, situated off Central America’s coast. This system will indirectly affect Costa Rica’s weather patterns.

Based on insights from meteorologist Roberto Vindas and the National Hurricane Center, this depression is predicted to intensify into a Tropical Storm. Its path is currently projected towards the east, likely targeting El Salvador or the southern regions of Guatemala.

“The tropical cyclone will primarily impact our nation indirectly by interacting with the intertropical convergence zone. Additionally, it will usher in significant moisture flow from the west, affecting the Pacific regions,” Vindas emphasized.

Starting from Sunday morning, October 29, the Pacific areas are expected to experience heightened rainfall. Coastal areas should anticipate showers from dawn, continuing into the early hours of the day. By afternoon, the Pacific regions, and mountainous sectors of other parts of the country will likely witness showers accompanied by thunderstorms.

Moving into the week, Monday will see an uptick in rainfall intensity, especially in the North Pacific, with a particular focus on Guanacaste. Here, significant rainfall accumulations are forecasted. “From Monday through Wednesday, we anticipate the weather in these areas to be largely influenced by this system,” Vindas added.

However, Vindas also acknowledged the inherent unpredictability of the storm, mentioning that there remains uncertainty about its exact trajectory and behavior. Hence, continuous updates from the IMN can be expected as the situation unfolds.

“The IMN is vigilantly tracking this cyclone, and any significant deviation or update in projections will be communicated promptly,” the institution assured.

Given the potential weather disturbances, the IMN advises residents and visitors to be prepared. Due to the increased rainfall, there is a heightened risk of sewer system overflows and sudden flash floods. Everyone is advised to exercise caution in such situations.

Moreover, during episodes of thunderstorms or intense wind gusts, it’s essential to seek refuge in a secure location immediately. Safety during these times should be of paramount importance, and taking necessary precautions is crucial.

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