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Costa Rica Evaluates Permanent Solutions to Route 23 Marine Erosion

The Minister of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), Luis Amador, has provided an update on the government’s efforts to address the ongoing coastal erosion affecting Route 23 in Caldera. The minister acknowledged the severity of the problem, highlighting the recent surge of waves that caused significant damage to homes and infrastructure.

In response to the crisis, the MOPT has implemented temporary measures to mitigate the effects of erosion. These measures include the placement of rocks along the affected sector of the road. However, the minister emphasized that these measures are not a long-term solution and that permanent solutions are necessary to protect the road and surrounding communities.

The MOPT is currently evaluating a range of options for permanent solutions. These options include:

  • Construction of eight breakwaters perpendicular to the beach. This solution would involve building structures to break the waves and reduce their impact on the shoreline.
  • Construction of two standalone dikes and two perpendicular to the beach. Dikes are barriers that can be used to protect the coastline from erosion.
  • Relocation of the affected section of Route 23. This option would involve moving the road away from the eroding shoreline.

The MOPT is using a variety of methods to assess the feasibility of these options, including software simulations, scale models, and maritime studies. The goal is to identify the most effective and sustainable solution for protecting Route 23 and ensuring the safety of the traveling public.

The minister acknowledged the challenges associated with financing these solutions. However, he emphasized the government’s commitment to finding a solution that will protect the road and safeguard the interests of the community. The government is exploring various funding options, including public-private partnerships and international cooperation.

The coastal erosion affecting Route 23 is a complex problem that requires a well-coordinated and multi-pronged approach. The MOPT’s efforts to develop permanent solutions are a commendable step in the right direction. It is essential that the government continues to engage with stakeholders, including local communities, environmental groups, and technical experts, to identify the best possible solution.

The MOPT’s commitment to transparency and accountability is also encouraging. The use of software simulations, scale models, and maritime studies to assess the various options demonstrates the government’s commitment to making informed decisions. This approach will help to ensure that the chosen solution is effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

The coastal erosion affecting Route 23 is a reminder of the impact of climate change on our coastlines. As sea levels rise and extreme weather events become more frequent, it is essential that we develop adaptive strategies to protect our infrastructure and communities. The MOPT’s efforts to address this challenge are a valuable contribution to Costa Rica’s climate resilience efforts.

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