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Costa Rican to Build Cruise Terminal and Marina in Limón

In Wednesday’s press conference, the Costa Rican government announced the progress of the cruise terminal and marina in Limón. This project is expected to further promote tourism as the main driver of the country’s economic development.

With a total investment of $854 million, the Hernán Garrón Salazar Terminal plan covers an area of 27 hectares. It includes the construction of a building for cruise passengers, local businesses, restaurants, handicrafts markets, hotels, parking lots, and urban integration areas.

The port transformation will seek to attract tourism through the ‘orange economy,’ which essentially encompasses the cultural industry and the knowledge-based economy.

It also includes the first tourist marina in the Costa Rican Caribbean that meets the parameters and requirements of the current marina law. This master plan represents an urban change for the province of Limón.

“We are moving forward safely to make this project ‘Construction of the Limon Marina and Cruise Terminal in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica’ a reality, which will transform our Caribbean, and from Japdeva, we will seek to generate a positive, economic, and social impact from future investments,” stressed Sucy Wing Ching, executive President Japdeva.

She also said the project is expected to have environmental viability and a feasibility study by next August. The President said that feasibility studies are being carried out to promote the project to international investors.

“We are working to generate more employment and make that city in the Caribbean a focus of tourist attraction and international investment,” said Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves at his weekly press conference following the Council of Government.

Government officials stated bidding process would be published this year for investors to participate.

“This is a real economic reactivation,” emphasized the President.

The Costa Rican Caribbean is undoubtedly one of the country’s most beautiful areas but also one of the most affected by unemployment and lack of opportunities. The government hopes this project will bring the prosperity and development that this lovely province and its people deserve.

Here is a promotional video about the new project:

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