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Costa Rican Museums to visit in 2023

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) created a Museum Guide for tourists visiting these centers. The 48-page-long document features the main information and includes an English translation.  

“Costa Rica has an important network of museums dedicated to collecting, guarding, displaying cultural heritage and trying to disseminate our values,” stated the ICT. 

Cacao Museum 

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, this Museum showcases the history behind the cacao fruit and the machinery used to process and dry cocoa in the last century and observes the whole process the fruit undergoes to turn into one of the most delicious and loved products. 

Customers can taste beans throughout their different stages, and then, once the process is finished, they can savor several types of chocolate. 

“The magnificent natural environment of CACAO TRAILS TAYKU allows for all kinds of activities, including walking amidst unique tropical botanical collections, bird watching from the forest of the private reserve that Cacao Trails Tayku offers while enjoying interactive contact with the local cocoa culture,” the Museum specified. 

Indigenous Boruca Community Museum 

The Museum is located in Buenos Aires de Puntarenas and preserves the cultural and natural heritage of the Boruca Indigenous Community. 

It highlights the ancestral techniques of manufacturing and handicraft weaving. The opening of the Boruca Indigenous Community Museum had the help of the National Museum and the Museums of the Central Bank, who supported the Indigenous community in different ways. The Museum has a souvenir store with handicrafts made by the indigenous people of the Boruca area.

It’s also worth highlighting that the museum building is an example of the ranch used in ancient times. 

Islita’s Museum 

Punta Islita’s Outdoor Contemporary Art Museum opened its doors in 2003. This Museum has a social concept of art and creative thinking as a generator of sustainable development.

The Museum was founded as an initiative of Hotel Punta Islita, committed to a tourism development model in harmony with the community’s growth. Art was identified as the ideal tool to support the community because of its potential, versatility, and available resources.

To view the complete list of museums, visit: 

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