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Passengers at Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Airport will be able to charge their cell phones while pedaling

The Guanacaste Airport installed fixed tables in the boarding lounges where energy can be generated through dynamos connected to pedals with physical movement. So, passengers who want to charge their cell phones will be able to do so at these stations while generating their power supply.

For each minute of pedaling, an average cell phone can charge 1% of its battery. In other words, a non-professional person using these stations for 30 minutes will travel approximately 4.5 km, the distance from Playa Hermosa to Playa Bonita in Guanacaste.

In addition to the charging stations, a second touch-screen area was also implemented where passengers can self-manage their food and beverage orders from La Barra Imperial and Bakery concessionaires.

“We are incorporating innovative proposals in line with Costa Rica’s sustainable vision and, above all, at the level of international competition. Each initiative seeks to enhance the passenger experience both upon departure and arrival in Costa Rica,” said Adriana Echandi, CEO of Morpho Travel Experience.

She also added that these projects are possible “thanks to the coordination with the airport manager who trusts in our work as a commercial concessionaire, and together we ensure the well-being of travelers.”

The charging points, available for Android and Apple, are in the east boarding lounge and installed by Morpho Travel Experience. They are labeled with texts such as “movement is energy and energy is life.”

“We know that cell phones are part of our daily routine and that the time spent waiting for a flight can be used to charge it. Pedaling for 10 minutes to generate energy means cutting up to 100 calories.

This is how we implement innovative projects, as a pillar of VINCI Airports, that can add value to the experience of being in transit in our terminal and plant a seed of why sustainable tourism is the best option,” said César Jaramillo, General Manager of Guanacaste Airport.

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