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Costa Rica Authorizes First Hemp Plantation

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), Víctor Julio Carvajal Porras, signed the resolution authorizing the first project for the use of hemp this Friday.

Ingenio Taboga S.A. made the request. It is located in Bebedero de Cañas, Guanacaste, developing a hemp cultivation and processing project in a 150-hectare area.

“For the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the development of responsible and efficient agricultural activities with significant agro-export potential is extremely important,” said Minister Victor Carvajal.

He added that they are evaluating 7 more applications for authorization to plant and process hemp and one application for medical cannabis.

“I would like to share the happiness that fills the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. I have signed the first authorization to cultivate industrial hemp in Bebedero de Cañas, a 150-hectare project to be developed in Guanacaste,” added the Minister.

The MAG web page contains the Hemp Regulations for Food and Industrial Use, Cannabis Regulations for Medicinal and Therapeutic Use, and a User’s Guide for the Authorization of Hemp Cultivation, Production, and Related Activities before the MAG.

It also features explanatory audiovisual material, a step-by-step guide with all the requirements for importing industrial hemp or psychoactive cannabis, application forms for planting authorization, and links of interest of institutions involved in the process.

“For the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, developing profitable and efficient agricultural activities with significant export potential is extremely important. We also have seven projects under study, and we hope they will soon be approved,” he said.

Those interested in growing hemp or cannabis can obtain authorization for planting from the National Directorate of Agricultural Extension of MAG free of charge. The email is also available for inquiries.

“The agricultural industry is progressing, and MAG is advancing with them,” concluded Minister Carvajal.

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