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Flying from San Jose to Nicoya Could Soon be Possible

Hopping on a flight from San José to Nicoya, Guanacaste could be possible very soon. The newspaper The Voice of Guanacaste reported that at least one airline would be interested in operating flights between these two areas.

Given the current state of road infrastructure, locals and foreigners look for alternatives to driving or using road transportation.

“We initiated a market study in the area to see how we can enter the market. We’re evaluating the kind of market we have, how we can go about it, and at what times. Maybe we can start by flying a couple of days a week to see how it grows and how it develops,” Sansa’s sales manager, Pablo Mora, told the newspaper.

Although the government announced road repairs would begin during the summer, it is unknown when they will start and how long they will take. However, this will likely affect tourists visiting Guanacaste and other coastal areas, as traffic will have to be regulated.

In addition, the La Amistad bridge (over the Tempisque river) underwent an initial inspection phase. The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation is expected to begin the repairs. This is a much-needed intervention that will also increase travel hours.

Johnny William Gutierrez, Nicoyan municipal council member and president of the Chamber of Commerce, also spoke to the Costa Rican media outlet and affirmed that there is an increase in the number of people flying from and to Guanacaste. 

Liberia, Tamarindo, and Nosara are the available destinations to exit and enter the coastal province.

“Many residents take Sansa planes to San Jose for health procedures, high season inventory matters, fiscal year closing, or transactions. We’ve discussed this with most business owners,” Gutierrez explained to The Voice of Guanacaste.

For those looking to save up time and the stress of driving along Costa Rican roads and insane traffic, this will certainly be an option to consider.

Nicoya’s aerodrome can receive small planes; its runway is about half a mile long. Costa Rican aviation authorities have determined that it is in good condition and could be used by airlines as needed.

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