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Suarez Renews Contract as Coach of the Costa Rican National Team

Luis Fernando Suárez, coach of the Costa Rican National Team, renewed his contract for four more years.

“Many factors lead one to stay in a national team. Logically, I cannot deny that one of them is economical, but it is not the most important; when I decided to stay here, what I thought about the least was the amount of money I would earn,” said Suarez.

The Costa Rican Soccer Federation was pleased with Suarez’s work, especially with the Qatar World Cup qualification. However, several reports indicated that Suarez had offers from other national teams, so his continuity with the Ticos was uncertain.

After meditating on his decision, Luis Fernando Suarez decided to continue with the Costa Rican National Team. “There are a lot of things that led me to make the decision; they are emotional and not material,” the coach added.

Suarez emphasized that one of the main reasons for continuing was his excellent relationship with Rodolfo Villalobos, President of the Costa Rican Soccer Federation. He also noted that he likes the players he manages, loves the country, and is very satisfied with his team.

“I have to thank all the people of Costa Rica; there were challenging moments. I felt everyone wanted to qualify every time I was on the street. My eternal gratitude to all the people, to the whole country,” said Luis Fernando Suárez.

Suárez also said his good work would continue since he has a remarkable group of players, staff, and adequate infrastructure. He feels delighted with the tools he’s been given.

“In my life, I had never worked with such intelligent people; in my life, I had never worked with people so committed to achieving something. A group of people who thought a lot about the country came together to make the country happy,” Suárez remarked.

The President of the Federation expressed his happiness for the renewal of the coach and confirmed the good relationship between the two.

“Ever since we started the (negotiation) process, I never felt I was competing with anyone, even though I knew there was interest from other teams. The representatives sat down to negotiate; there was nothing else on the table,” said Rodolfo Villalobos.

Fortunately, the chapter of the Luis Fernando Suarez negotiation was closed to the satisfaction of those involved. Now, the National Team’s coaching staff has a lot of work ahead since there are only a few months left to play the World Cup, and Costa Rica will face a highly competitive group.

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