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New Jaguar Sighting in Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park

Three jaguars (Panthera onca) were spotted at the Corcovado National Park, thanks to the research program “Rastreo Corcovado.”

According to the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), two are females, and one is a hatchling (it is unknown whether it is male or female).  The two females were found within the boundaries of Corcovado, while the young specimen was located in the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve.

“These are good signs. Despite the adversities faced in the area, we believe this species’ reproductive processes and populations are successful. Five more jaguars have been documented in the last year than in previous years. The registration of two new females indicates that reproduction can continue to be successfully maintained,” said Alejandro Azofeifa, park ranger of this protected area.

For the Ecological Monitoring Program of Corcovado National Park, capturing females using camera traps has been arduous, as they do not follow the same routes as males, their ways and behavior tend to be more cautious, and their range of action is only a third of that of males.

Due to this situation, this year, the program changed its methodology to focus on the search for females of this specie.

In addition, the tracking program in Corcovado National Park has been working in this protected area for more than ten years and, through its network of camera traps, has been able to identify more than 17 specimens in the lowland forest and beach areas from San Pedrillo, Los Planes, Patos and La Leona.

Through “Rastreo Corcovado,” SINAC has confirmed that it’s not true that Corcovado National Park only has pumas or is the process of ecosystem degradation. More than 23 species of mammals have been identified. High-level indicators mean their populations are still stable despite the problems of poaching and gold mining in the National Park that are still latent today.

For Costa Rica, preserving ecosystems and the different animals that inhabit them is vital. The country must take measures to avoid the destruction of such valuable areas. Logically, conservation efforts and actions to stop all illegal activities must continue. Corcovado National Park is a natural jewel that must be conserved.

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