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Costa Rica’s Farmer’s Market: The Ideal Place to Save Money

The high cost of living continues to hit everyone. Products are becoming more expensive, and people are looking to save as much as possible. Finding the right place to buy groceries can make a massive difference at the end of the month.

A recent comparative price study by the National Production Council (CNP) revealed that buying at a farmer’s market (‘La Feria’) can be up to 145% cheaper than in a supermarket.

“CNP visits supermarkets, butcher shops, and farmer’s markets in the Metropolitan Area to corroborate product prices; with this survey, a simple average is generated for each product in the different types of establishments, and a comparison is made,” explained the executive president of the entity, Victor Julio Carvajal Porras.

This study includes the prices of tomato, onion, potato, Hass avocado, sweet chili, pineapple, banana, plantain and carrot, eggs, and meats such as beef steak, ground beef, pork chops, tilapia fillet, pork chop, whole chicken and pork ribs.

While a kilo of Hass avocado is available at ‘La Feria’ for ₡1,867 ($2.83), it can cost ₡4,565 ($6.91) at the supermarket. Yellow onion costs ₡983 ($1.49) at ‘La Feria’ and the supermarket at ₡1,979 ($2.99).

In addition, the kilo of tomato has a significant difference: at the Farmer’s Market, it can be bought for ₡992 ($1.50), while at the supermarket, it totals ₡2,352 ($3.56).

Other products, such as bananas, around ₡43 at the fair, will be sold for ₡71 at the supermarket. The same happens with potatoes: it varies from ₡1,055 ($1.60) at the fair to ₡1,879 ($2.48) at the supermarket.

The study also revealed that going to the butcher’s shop is a good idea for saving money.

“The Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Commerce (MEIC) prioritizes providing information to consumers. We share this weekly price comparison for fruits, vegetables, and meats because a free but informed decision is the best decision a consumer can make,” said Francisco Gamboa Soto, Minister of Economy.

Going to the Farmer’s Fair guarantees finding fresh, high-quality local products. Farmers benefit enormously as they offer their products directly to consumers. Other products such as spices, salts, dairy products, and honey, among others, can also be found.

There is also a gastronomic offer in many places, which includes delicious typical Costa Rican food, making it a great cultural experience.

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