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7 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the rich coast, this name itself opens window to the scenic heaven it is. A place with mountains as well as beaches, volcanoes as well as rain forests, national parks and cloud forest, it is simply unmatchable in its wonders. In a heavenly landscape as Costa Rica, a getaway for comfort and adventures can make the experience unforgettable, here are some unknown interesting facts about the country:

1. One of the happiest countries in the world

According to Happy Planet Index, Cost Rica is ranked among the happiest countries in the world. It is one of the most sustainable countries with a significantly long-life span. It is also ranked as the greenest country in the world.  Its wonders and beauty can also cast magic spell on those visiting it for tourism and according to a survey in 2016, 5% of tourists who visit it surely come back at some point to experience the wonders all again.

2. Variety of national parks

One of the most interesting and valuable fact about costa Rica is its contribution towards conservation of mother nature. Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy is managing almost 30 national parks in the country, all of which are conserving almost 25% of the country’s area.  In this way it is adding to the conservation of planet, rescue of wildlife and also offering variety of activities to the tourists. These incredible national parks have thrilling activities from spending time with wildlife to zip lining, canoeing, rafting and a lot more.

3. Latin American center of entrepreneurship

Costa Rica is the 6th most attractive country to expats with its great opportunities for local as well as international business. It is one of the countries that allows foreigner to start business without residency status. This helps not only local but also international entrepreneurs to establish their startups. The facilities like international freight movers   who aid international expats to establish their startups without hustle of transportation and in reliable ways are also available which pave way for entrepreneurship in the country. Due to reliable opportunities in market entrepreneurs start from the country for their expansion and innovations.

So if you are an entrepreneur this can be your opportunity to enter the international market.

4. Diverse cuisine

Different flavors from around the world are generally combined in the food in Costa Rica. Beans and Pinto are the staple food of the country, however the food in general is fusion of different flavors mixed in a unique form.  From corn to fruits and rice to beans and spices its cuisines have a diverse range of sweet and sour dishes.

5. A country with no army

This country doesn’t stop to amaze with its positivity and soft image. Although Costa Rica was once a Spanish colony, but they never fought for independence from them instead they got it during Mexican war indirectly by Spain’s defeat.

It’s history of no military goes back to a 44-day long costa Rican war and loss of 2000 lives, the country got rid of its army permanently after that incident. It however has proper laws and police to maintain law and order situation. It is one of the most politically stable country in its region.

6. Use of renewable energy resources

98% of the energy resources are renewable, which is an eco-conscious move. It uses a combination of hydropower, biomass, wind and geothermal sources to produce energy. Its major goal is to make world totally green; country aims at eliminating emission of greenhouse gas by 2050.

7.Abundance of biodiversity

Although it encompasses just one thirtieth of world’s landscape costa Rica is one of the richest countries with regard to biodiversity. It has almost 6% of the species of organisms recorded worldwide, most of the variety of which is of birds. It has various species of flora and fauna which is estimated to be more than half a million.  It also conserves the habitats of these species and is one of the countries with no deforestation at all.

So, it can be said that Costa Rica is one of the ideal places to visit for tourism with unlimited options to be explored. Moreover, it can be a reliable place to get settled and have stable future with happiness

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